Course Paper Presentations

Students carry out a course paper research every semester to horn their research and presentation skills

Comments from observers


  • Thanked the dean FBMIT and the AR for the good venture which is improving student’s communication skills and being different from other students from other institutions because he has never seen it happen in other universities.
  • And he discovered that that’s why our students do very well in their defense (research)
  • He advised students that research goes with current information so they should find out better researchers who have up-to-date information
  • Urged them to go straight to the point if its field work then they should say for example when I went to the field I found out that most of the businesses where not using the accounting convention for the members not to go off track.
  • Compared to other students KINTU students are the best. Urged the A.R to invite someone to teach our students research.


  • He thanked the students for the wonderful work but warned them not to fall in love with their work because everything is subject to improvement.
  • Further advised them not to think that every word on internet is research should look for good researchers.
  • Urged them not to cram instead put what they have learnt in practice. That is why some of them where irrelevant.
  • Before Monetary value years back we had barter trade now things are changing we are going back to barter trade.
  • Concluded by advising them not to lose hope they should keep pushing for better results.


  • Expressed happiness for what was happening
  • Advised students to learn how to do research and to avoid quoting newspapers as sometimes exaggerate so not reliable.
  • Congratulated every one for the good exercise
  • Noted everyone is knowledgeable so if students are supposed advise community based on research findings.