Library Rules

  1. Maximum silence must be observed within the library at all times.
  2. Eating, drinking and smoking within the library is strictly prohibited.
  3. Bags, raincoats, umbrellas and other personal belongings shall be left in a place provided at the entrance, labeled as: Cloak Room. All personal belongings are kept at the owner’s risk.
  4. Books consulted within the library must be left on the tables after use. Please, do not re-shelf consulted books.
  5. Mobile phones must be switched off or kept on silent mode within the library. Receiving calls within the library is strictly prohibited. Users who fail to respect this rule will have their phone(s) confiscated in addition to a 5,000 UGX fine.
  6. ll readers leaving the library in possession of books, papers, box files/folders and other items must present them to the library attendant or security personnel for checkup before exiting.
  7. Fines and charges for lost/damaged books will be regarded as a debt to the University. In cases of nonpayment, defaulters will face the authorities in charge. Defaulters will not be allowed to borrow any books until cleared off former offense.
  8. A fine of 1,000 UGX will be charged for overdue books. This will be calculated from the overdue date until when the book is returned.
  9. External-users are not permitted to borrow books. However, they can read books within the library.
  10. All library users are expected to present a valid Library or University Identity Card when borrowing books.
  11. Non-members will be handed a library card after a formal registration with the library. They are expected to present this card whenever visiting the library.
  12. Any disorderly or improper conduct or breach of these rules and regulations will render the user concerned liable to suspension from the library.
  13. A suspended user shall re-apply in writing to the University Librarian for re-admission in to the library.
  14. All library fees and fines must be paid exclusively to the Accounts Office. A receipt from the Accounts Office will then be presented to the Librarian for clearance.
  15. Replacing a lost library card will require a payment of 5,000 UGX to the Accounts Office against a receipt. The University Librarian will require a valid receipt before issuance of a new library card
  16. The respect of other library users within the library is a mutual obligation.
  17. Any amendments to these rules and regulations will be made public to all KINTU library users.

In your interest and in the interest of present and future library users, you are requested to be very vigilant and report any security breach, abuses and theft of library property. The library staff should be informed promptly of any irregularity.